Friday, April 15, 2011

Just stopping in for a quick update on Scrapfest and the Abootsford Carnival

I leave tonight for China... I have leaned three key phrases... Hello, thank you and ...the most important...I don't understand!!!

Brittany has packed a shopping list, I have packed  extra camera chips, granola bars and beef jerky...and several stomach remedies. There is a ban on facebook in I will be completely out of touch! I think that might be the hardest part! Not being able to share what is going on right away!

I did want to share what I have been doing for the last few weekends; Last weekend I had the privilege of teaching at Scrapfest and the weekend before I had the most amazing weekend teaching at the Abbotsford Carnival.

Let's Start with the Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival. Travelling with Katherina Doyle is always an adventure...this time was no different when we went down to our breakfast room on Saturday Morning to a packed house!! Instead of being annoyed or worried she simply asked "what was going on". Turns out that there was a Barber shop quartet convention at our hotel. She asked if they were going to break out into song at any minute.....and well with in 5 minutes we were being serenaded by 30 or so men of all ages as we ate our breakfast. Katherina got it on camera an to see our fun check out this link.

We actually did do some are some shots of the day

 The beautiful Cari Locken...she is always a joy to teach with!! I wish she lived next door!

 I loved these butterflies in the Paper Nation booth!

 This pic from the Memory Workshop girls booth made me think of my friend Cathy!!
Cathy from Steam Trunk was there! I bought the most amazing necklace from her...I know she has great scrapbooking stuff too!!

 All the booths had awesome Make and Takes going on! The energy and buzz was amazing!!

 We ended our show by having a great dinner with the fabulous Sonja McLean. I <3 her!! Such a great talent!


Last weekend I was in Kitchener, Ontario....for SCRAPFEST!!!

OK to all my west and west coast got to see this event. 200 croppers, an entire hall of exhibitors!! Giant booths filled with product you would not believe!!! SO fun!!!

This was the group of Staff and teachers that met for Breakfast the next morning. Lisa Furtney and her gals are amazing!! I also have to say that hanging with the fabulous Sue Sykes was a blast!!
Karen Ellis of Art House Studio and Susan Weckesser supposedly working!!!
Two of my three fabulous TA's!!! I have to send a huge thank you out to Michelle Galloway, Tara Thynne, and Lyn Reinhart! You were so great!
Some of my Mixed Media class and their art!
Two of my three traveling buddies for the weekend. Cathy Allen And Susan Weckesser. I love these women and we never has any fun!!
this is Lisa and as Jackie always says...Lisa is Scrapfest!
and I saved this pic for last!..Taken  of me and a lovely lady I met in my class. I love how much fun we were having!

Lastly I wanted to do a little give away...  but I am going to save that for when I get back! but here is a sneek peek at what I will be giving away.


  1. So much fun!! Love the pics - can't wait til you're back to hear all about China! Thanks for the shout out - it was awesome hanging about with you three talented chicas, as well as the SF girls! My cheeks hurt from laughing so much!

    Miss you!! *muah*

  2. Have a blast in China. Miss U. Love U. Wish we could see each other more.

  3. It was great TA'ing for you! Loved the Mixed media class, for those who didn't sign up, you really missed a good one! Next TIME!

  4. Great pics Christy!! We had so much fun being your TA's!! You were so much fun.

  5. have a great time, good luck with being out of contact!! take a ton of amazing pics, want to hear all about it when you get back

  6. It was so much fun and a pure joy to be with you my friend and and so agree with everything that you just said! It was an awesome event with awesome people! {hugs}

  7. Be careful getting too close to some people...they will steal your ideas and claim them as your own....just saying. You may think this person is wonderful and all smiles but don't turn your back. YOU are a wonderful person and must be careful who you consider your friends.