Monday, September 12, 2011

What I did this summer.

Well it is time to end my break from blogging. I hope you did not miss me too much. I really did enjoy putting my feet up and taking a break from working too hard this summer. My goal was to accept that MY worth was not linked to how busy I was.

I know it sounds like a simple concept...but really in this day and age we really do, as women, believe that we need to be doing something or we lose value. I wonder if it is because we grew up being educated that girls can do anything boys can we feel as if we HAVE TO do everything and do it better. In fact they are even making a movie about this....
I <3 Sarah J Parker!!

Women of the fifties loved to project the idea she was sitting at home eating bon-bons waiting for her husband ( despite what she was really doing)....we as a generation revel in the retelling of the long list of what we have achieved that day. Wearing our multi-tasking greatness as a super women cape!!!

When I stood back to look at that I realized...OMG what am I teaching my girls???
 I want them to know that they are valuable just because they are...not for what they can accomplish in a day.

So I took a little time off to do NOTHING this summer...well, as close to that as I could. My nothing consisted of playing board games, going to the lake, planning and COOKING dinner ( I forgot how much I love to cook), cleaning house a little bit at a time. I even squeaked in a little art time. LOVE IT!!

I loved it so much I have decided to try and take one day off a week...At first I thought it would be Sunday's, but with my travel schedule I realized that might not be possible, then I thought what does it matter what day...So each week I will promised to take a day play however I feel like it! I encourage you to do the same! In fact, call me and we will do lunch!

I leave you with this Brave Girl Truth card I made....

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  1. Yeah you're back in blogland!!!!! Totally get it and totally agree with everything!! And YES LET'S DO LUNCH!!! LOTS of lunches :)