Monday, October 3, 2011

In the middle of an amazing weekend!!!

The Carnival had our usual crowd hits of Allison Orthner's Photo booth, and the loonie make and take bar, so many amazing vendors and added new hits this year of a Cup cake buffet and team teaching classes like the smash hit of the Technique Taster class that I taught with Jackie, Cathie , Susan, and Allison. Did I mention that I had a blast!!

I can not explain what a great couple of weekends I have had. The great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival in Calgary and Edmonton was a huge resounding success! I love working with this team. Each one of these girls has become so dear to me. I have never worked with a group of women that I have felt so connected to, had so much fun with. What was so great to see this weekend was that it really showed in everything we did. All the small details, all the moments we needed to prop each other up. How this extended to those around us!
In Calgary it was so fun to walk around the crop space and feel like I belonged to such a great big huge group of friends that I have come to know and love. It was amazing to see such fellowship and sense of community! In Edmonton, I am slowly recognising faces, yet this group of women made me feel so at home and included.
There is something to say about when you share a passion with someone. You can meet them for the first time and have a deep connection because of this shared passion. This is why I love this industry.

Yet in the middle of all this huge success the universe felt it was time to teach me a little lesson. I don't know if I was being too big for my britches or I was just trying too hard to impress..but I definitely had a huge flop!! I spend a lot of time trying to come up with new things to teach and trying to make sure I stuff my classes with techniques, but I definitely over did it with my "Celebrate your Inner Artist Class". You know the moment right before everything goes wrong and you feel like a dear trapped in the headlights. Boy did I learn that feeling this weekend....As we were working on our project there was a moment when I realised this just wasn't do-able in the time frame we had. It was like watching a disaster happen in slow motion. Even after Calgary, I tried adjusting things for Edmonton, it still went south. I just wanted to beat myself up and cry. I try so hard, and I feel like I failed everyone! I just was not my usual bubbly self...the class was just too much for the time frame. I am still feeling guilty and struggling with this today. I know sometimes we have to fail to learn better....and I believe in forgiving ourselves when we mess up. I would never intentional design a crappy class. I guess it goes back to feeling awful knowing somebody doesn't like me. That deep down need to be liked always kicks us in the touche when we are down. So... here I am in blogger land confessing my failure to you in hopes it will help me forgive myself and move on. I know I have learned to keep it simple, don't try so hard.....and move on to focus on all the successes I did have this weekend.

I did tell you I had two amazing weekends, right?


  1. You are far to hard on yourself... you tried something new and it didn't work as hoped... re-evaluate, change things up, and do it again! When you are "on" you are an awesome instructor with so much information to share. Don't let one bad plan shadow your future classes!

  2. Thanks so much Nancy!! You are a big part of why my weekends were such a huge success I couls not have done it with out you!!

  3. having taken the above mentioned class I can tell you from my side of the table, it was good, full of info and techniques. Yes it was packed but I did not feel stress or cheated for my time or learning.

  4. "Failure is the back door to success"... this is a book title... a book I've never read, cuz I didn't feel I needed to as the title says it all!!!!!! Those who are so very scared to fail, fail to try new things and thus fail to discover the JOY that can come from trying something new and succeeding!! You, my friend are a PIONEER... this is one of your many strengths!!! You thrust forward into unchartered waters and more often than not, succeed!!! YOU get the JOY far more often than the PAIN. You are that BRAVE girl who today simply needs to be reminded that you are not WHAT YOU DO, but rather WHO YOU ARE and those of us who know you, love you for WHO YOU ARE... a warm, funny, bubbly, caring, uber talented artist carving her way in this world to make it a better place for all of us :) So give yourself some TLC (and maybe some Reeses Peanut Butter Icecream) and rest in the fact that you are AMAZING for just being you. Love you!!!!

  5. Hi Christy, just read your blog and you have me in tears. You are an amazing gal with lots of talent to share. You rarely leave a room without leaving someone laughing in have an infectious laugh and a sincere heart.
    I don't know what exactly happened this weekend,
    but as long as no one died!!!, who cares. That's how I look at life now. Hug yourself and pat yourself on your back for all your successes! :)

  6. There are never any mistakes when it comes to art and just being creative and sharing your talent and love for scrapbooking, art-making with others.