Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 - a A Year of KINDNESS!

Well I am so glad 2011 is over. Generally it was a really great year, but December sure kicked my butt!!

First off I was completely locked out of my blogger account for two weeks due to authentication and Authoring issues. I guess I had too many accounts that partially overlapped but had different emails Blah, Blah, Blah...Long story short! I am so glad my husband is a geek and could fix it for me, because as usual I know enough to get myself into deep hot water but not how to get out!

Then we have passing around a horrible chest cold between all of us. I managed to hold it off until the week of Christmas but then it hit with a bang. After last years pneumonia I just do not have strong lungs. BUT I am almost better now. I only pee my pants from coughing about once a day now!!

We also lost my dear Grand Dad this Christmas. He will be missed dearly, but he had an amazing life and I feel like he really touched many people during it.

He wasn't the only loss we had, a past teacher and principal of Brittany's also passed. She was an amazing influence in Brit's life and was the first teacher to really make her feel like she was OK just the way she was! It is funny how sometimes people come and go from your life but never your heart. I had not seen her in years but I know that I owe her so much, every time I see Britt succeed in school. Because of her and the other teachers she led, Brittany, who hated school and pretty much life has become an honour roll student with an unquenchable thirst for learning and the arts. God bless Pam Nolan, she will be missed here on earth.

Now onto 2012 and I love how many Brave Girls have been choosing words for 2012! I have decided that instead of New Years resolutions I am going to embrace a word that will be my theme for the year. It actually has been a word that I have become very aware of in the last few months and really has helped me focusing on the important things.

My Word Is:

This year I promise to deal with everyone with KINDNESS. I have found learning to set boundaries in my life has been so amazing and useful but what I have come to discover that the most crucial part of that is to have kindness in your heart for everyone, no matter what. I have experienced the power of Kindness so many ways this year. I learned to use Kindness to deal with people who were difficult. It completely disarms the situation and helps you to see both sides. I have found using Kindness with my girls helps to make them feel loved. I have even had to make sure to save some Kindness for myself. No one is perfect!! When some jerk cuts me off in traffic I think...he must have somewhere really important to go, maybe he is late for his kid. Instead of being frustrated, I feel gracious. It has done wonders for my outlook.

Welcome 2012!!


  1. what a great word!!! I cannot even imagine that this would be difficult for you though -- you are ALWAYS so incrediblly "kind". But I totally get what you are saying: life is too short to freak out on everything, everyone & at every situation. It only takes a second to stop, breathe & evaluate the situation. I find that if I smile....it makes being "kind" a little easier. I think to myself: "there must be acting that way b/c their life is difficult right now. Yes....that's not an excuse; it's just reality for them. They don't know how else to handle it." thanks for reminding me of this, Christy. luv ya'.