Thursday, February 2, 2012

CHA was a blast!!!

So I am back from CHA (Craft and Hobby Association Convention) and I definitely do not have as many pictures as I usually have to share. I was working and having too much fun!

Allison Orthner and I are doing our annual CHA contest. All you have to do is answer our questions and we will be picking a winner to win a prize of yummy scrapbooking goodies. I will post my question below but first some pictures!
This is where I spent some of my time...doing demos for the fabulous myStamp Box! Owner Bettina was such a gem to work for!! I can't thank her enough for the opportunity! It was perhaps the best job at CHA, I sat ( as apposed to so much walking) and created and chatted. I WAS IN HEAVEN!!

 I was super lucky to be working across the isle from one of my most cherished friends Cathie Allan. She was working in the Clear Snap booth.

The rest of the time I was dragged around by my partner in crime - Allison. Here she is making a custom charm at the Vintaj booth. The arty girl in me was thrilled by their new metal embossing  plates and metal patina paints!! Very cool!

picture from (

Believe it or not...I did not get a single product shot...but Allison got a whole bunch. So head on over to her blog at and check out her photos...and answer her question for more chances to win. BUT NOT BEFORE ANSWERING MY QUESTION!!!

1) If you could have any job for one day, what would it be?
leave your answer in the comment section and check back tomorrow for more pics.

Lastly do not forget to check out Allison and I on Breakfast TV on Monday where we will be on location at Scrapbooker's Paradise South.


  1. Welcome back! I love the pictures! The job I would love to have for one day is a furniture builder. To have the skills and the artistic ability to build a beautiful chair or sofa - awesome!

  2. that would be easy for me. I would love to work with the girls at Canadian Scrapbooker. Now to me that would be a dream job.

  3. dream job for me would be a judge on iron chef (oh and as long as we are dreaming - the food doesn't have any calories.....)

  4. great pics and so glad you had so much fun! My dream job would be to be Prime Minister for just one day! To be able to affect change for my country and to hopefully better the lives of so many people would be amazing. Notice, I do not focus on the negative aspects of the job (as I know there are lots) as I only have one day and need to get as much positive stuff done as possible!

  5. Thanks for sharing and the photos! What a question... what WOULDN'T I want to be for a day?!?!? Pilot... astronaut... chef in a busy New York restaurant... Scrapbooker!... ballet dancer... musician in a rock band... super model... but really, I did always want to try window washing on a downtown highrise building and being one of those people with the safety vests who get to hold the "Stop" signs at construction zones... ahhhh... the dreams of youth!

  6. Hmmm... but now as I have given it more serious thought, to be a rescue worker at some major disaster (Haiti earthquake, New Orleans hurricane etc.) and to be able to pull survivors out, save them and reunite them with waiting loved ones, now THAT would be a job for a day!!!

  7. day, eh? Well, go big or go home I say. I'd definitely like to try walking the runway with all the super Paris or Milan, of course. Not that I think I am one....or like one.....or even resemble one in the smallest degree. I just think I could DO IT!!!! I think I'd rock it (at least for one day) and have a lot of spunk & spirit & energy and really show those skinny girls what it's all about. now you know my secret, Christy. Runway-wanna-be; that's me.

  8. Now there's a tough one .....the writer in me would love to be JK Rowling for a spend 24 hours inside her head?? THE BEST!

  9. Welcome back and glad to hear you had such a great time!
    Love those Vintag charms that you can custom make! How cool!
    If I had to pick having the job of my choice for one day....well
    it wouldn't be huge or lifealtering, I would be happy to work
    in a scrapbook store meeting all the wonderful customers and
    hearing all of their scrapbooking stories! :)

  10. If I could do a job for one day I would love to work in a LSS that has all the new items from CHA! What could be more fun that getting to play with the newest and greatest!

  11. My dream job would be to travel the world, take lots of photos and be a food critic in all the best restaurants.

  12. Love reading the others job ideas.I would love any of those, too! (and working like you at CHA would be so fun) I'm so lucky cause I do love what I do...being a wife & Mom. But for one day... I'd like to be a Fairy whisked off all over the world (in that fairy-world-time-warp-way) and make wishes come true for so many little people (children) in the world.

  13. My dream job would be to have no job! Just one day totally rich, driving in my beamer and shopping my heart out not worrying about maxing the credit card.

  14. Loving all the projects and comments! My dream job for the day? I've never given it much thought...but other than doing what I already do (home educating mom), I think that it would be someplace warm doing teaching of some sort. Maybe teaching in some tropical paradise, with the people that I love. That would be cool!