Monday, February 6, 2012

UniKeep Travel Album

Did you watch Breakfast TV today? Here is a close up on the UniKeep binder that I turned into a travel album. I love that you could pre - prepare the pages in this include a pen and glue and GO!! Scrapbook as you vacation when the action happens!! Great for those of us getting on in years and have trouble remembering things!

I used the paper line and stickers by Graphic 45 called Travelogue, Prima jewels and Color Box ink.

To make the smaller photo pages I cut down the full size page protectors so it will only be in two rings.

 to make this pocket page, I took a 6 x 12 piece and folded it at 9inches and punched wholes for my rings.

I love the look of a craft envelope...I made mine from a 12x12 piece of craft card is what the process looks like....

I love the plastic covers on the outside. These will keep my book looking great and any of the girl's finger prints can be wiped off.

Here is the valentine's project done with a tiny UniKeep binder!!

 Now for the Question in our CHA blog contest!! Simply answer the question in the comments section and you are entered to win a basket of scrapbooking goodies!!

What is the best Valentine's gift you have ever gotten?


  1. Our stray dog came into our lives on Valentine's 4 years ago! She's a gem!

    PS this album is fabulous, you rlayouts and this paper line is really wonderful isn't make it look soooo good....did you truly just make it since getting home? (jaw hanging open...) or you 've been working on it for a bit before CHA?

  2. First of all, just love your travel album. Would love if you
    could add Graphic 45 to your list of companies to design for.
    You do incredible work with all of their lines!
    I couldn't say exactly the best Valentine's gift I have ever gotten,
    as now that I have kids, the little handmade cards from Elementary school
    play a special part in my Heart.....hmmm, no pun intended!
    But before Gordon and I were married, he did give my some roses which
    were almost dead as I "gratefully" received them. He left them in the car before he gave them to me....
    February.... get the picture!! LOL

  3. Awesome album, Christy. Would love to get my dirty little hands on it i.r.l.
    As for fave V-day gift....hmmmmm.....we're not real gift-givers. Off the top of my head would be that my niece was born on Feb 13th. That was an awesome gift 8 years go meet her for the first time and cuddle her in my arms. I was pregnant with Asha at the time and was awaiting my own arrival too. :)

  4. The best Valentine's Day gift I ever received was actually the one that was delayed due to being stubborn. To make a longer story boyfriend at the time was going to ask me to marry him on Valentine's Day (unbeknownst to me). And I was with him at the florist on Valentine's when he asked how much the roses were. At the price, I gasped and said I couldn't possibly accept them. He was furious; he still purchased the roses, but I only kept half and gave the other half to his mom. Needless to say, he wasn't impressed (and apparently vowed not to bother asking me for my hand in marriage). But we were still together and about a week later, while watching cartoons (yes, it was super romantic), he did ask me to marry him. And here I sit, over 20 years later, married to the love of my life, knowing that the best Valentine's Day gift for me was the gift of patient love.

  5. Gorgeous album! The best gift I've gotten from Valentine's is likely all the cards and chocolate my Mom would get us each year as kids.