Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Stamp Box Mini Album

Today at My Stamp Box they are showing my camera mini book! I love these shaped mini albums.
I started by painting mine black so it would look like a camera. One of the best things about acrylic stamps is that you can bend them and I did just that with the zigzag stitch stamp from the Repeat After Me Stamp Set to create the ring around the camera lens.
 I repeated this stamp on the edges of the photos to create continuity. I added words from the Sigh Gush Gasp Stamp Set

  On the back of a few pages to add some interest and add more photos I made my own paper from several photos tiled together. I did this in a desktop publishing application like Microsoft Publisher and then printed it on my home printer. Then I covered the pieces with the paper.

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  1. This is just AWESOME, Christy! You and StampBox ROCK :)