Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Supreme Scrap Tournament part Four!!

Well I made it to round Four!! That means I am in the 20 finalists...only one more round after this one. I have to say I am enjoying the challenges and meeting all the women on line from around the world. This round the challenge was extremely hard for an inky painty girl like me!! No Stamps even!!

dubble page layout 
Size layout:
2 pages of 30,4 x 30,4 cm (12 x 12 inch) 
- eight or more 
- no duplicate photo's 
You must make:-  Make hidden elements on your pages. Minimum of three
-  The hidden part of the elements should not be visible at first sight! It needs opening before we can see the hidden inside. 
-  Size of the elements is free
-  Place of the elements on the pages is free
-  Type of the elements is free. The three hidden elements may be of the same type. But you can use 2, 3 or more different elements. Your choice.
-  Think of flaps that can open, elements that can turn, secret elements that you have to pull out of their hiding place. 
-  It is ok if a pulling mechanism is visible. Such as a piece of paper, a fiber or ribbon, a brad used for turning a wheel.
Not to be used: 
- All kinds of ink (including spray ink and misting ink) 
- No paint of any sort  
- No stamps 
- No gesso
- No chalk 

I did like the idea of hidden elements and I was inspired by a card made by Lynne Mizzera that I saw on her blog and made 10 pop up elements...Under each of the photos.

Each pop up says the life lesson I have learned from the person in the photo....basically this page is about how each person has inspired me to be a better person, like how this contest has inspired me to be a better scrapbooker.

Here's a few more close ups....of course pictures never do any layout justice but I think I am smitten with pop ups!!
I also used Rub-ons to get the look of stamping with out any ink!It was a great way to incorporate a little textural layering. With no pen being used I resorted to my favourite Dymo labeller to make the sayings. The paper, flowers and stickers are Prima...lots to fussy cut from this pattern and I did. I love the little circles popped up in spirally wires!


  1. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    very clever idea!!!!!!!!

  2. I love this layout Christy!! You rocked it once again!!!!

  3. An amazing, beautiful layout!

  4. Your creative ideas BLOW ME AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I say the tournament is OVER… you WIN :)

  5. This is beyond amazing! Love it Christy!