Thursday, March 27, 2014

The End is Near - part two - Supreme Scrapbooking tournament

So I won't lie, this challenge has been a bit of a roller coaster ride, it even included a few tears and gnashing teeth as I tried to figure the constraints of the rules... here are the rules for part two:

Layout size: 
two pages of 30,4cm x 30,4 cm

This is me!

Number of photo’s
Minimum of 4 differents photos in total

You must use:
Title: This is me!

All the objects that you choose in step 1 must be used on the project, no other embellishments are allowed!

All the sheets that you choose in step 1 must be used on the project, no other paper is allowed!
(at least half of each sheet you choose needs to be used by you!)

You may use:
White gesso only, as long (part of) the objects and paper are visible

* All techniques that you like (but no ink and paints and so on!)

Selfmade embellishments made out of your objects and/or papers
* A pen or marker for a journaling (max 20 words) - you dont have to do a journaling!

* glue, 3d tape, gluedots

You can not use:
* No other embellishments then the ones you choose in step 1
* No other papers then the ones you choose in step 1
* No ink, paint and so on
* No stickers, thickers, rubonons
* No glitter glue and so on

Just to refresh your memory here is what I had to use:

Here is a few things I did to transform my materials into my embellishments. 

 To stretch my white cardstock I gutted it. This gave me a base and white mats for my photos. I new with all this colour I was going to need those mats to make my photos pop. After all, photos are what is the most important element of scrapbooking.

To transform my paper towel I wetted it with water and a bit of Mod podge and embossed it with an embossing folder...this is similar to cold pressed paper making and gives you a beautiful handmade paper finish.

With the inner part of my paper towel roll, and my toilet paper roll I cut it into thin strips making loops and then glued that into a star burst. 

With my birthday candles I cut them into different sized chunks and gave them a shot of heat. I then used my finger and squished them into discs.

With my roll of streamers I adapted a technique that Leica Forrest taught me- I soaked the whole roll in a watered down solution of gesso and water. I had to separate that roll while wet and let dry. This gave it an ombre finish. I then created a very full ruffle all the way around my base sheet that I cut down a bit to make room. I then placed booth on top of my white gutted paper.

You can see what that looks like here. You can also see how I cut bias strips of the bandanna and made ruffles for my page. Also how I used gesso to soften the edges of everything with a dry brush technique.

My page is super thick!!! and crazy! Here is a numbered guide to where each recycled object went.

1)  white cardstock
2) a left over rolls of streamers
3) toilet paper tube
4)broken frame
5) Popsicle sticks
6) paper towel roll with only one partial sheet left
7) broken tape measure
8) leftover birthday candles
9) Pink Envelope
10) Black curling ribbon
11) Bandanna - ( it was a farm party)
12) blue and orange napkins
13) plaid paper plates
14) orange pattern paper
15) black polka dot paper
16) red XO paper
17) Black school ruled paper


  1. Wow that is amazing!!! Good luck!!!

  2. Super creative and such a beautiful end result! Amazing layout Christy! Good luck!!!

  3. What can I say Christy, you totally rocked this!!! Good luck, it's been fabulous following your layouts in the tournament!!! :)

  4. This is an awesome LO. Love the things you used.
    You are really super creative!!!!!!

  5. This is absolutely stunning! Love all the layers, the ruffles and the flowers. Good luck!