Sunday, March 23, 2014

The End is Near!!!

Well I really can't believe it but I have made it through to the final round and it's a two part challenge!!!

Welcome to our grand finale!
We started with 212 participants in round 1 and now there are only 10 of you scrapbookers left.
The last challenge is a supreme scrap challenge!
This challenge is a challenge consisting out of 2 steps.

Step 1:
1. Collect at least 10 different materials/objects that you would normally throw in the trash!
So collect stuff that you can’t buy in a store as a craft element/embellishment.
Examples are: labels of clothes, paperclip, aluminium foil, napkin, piece of cloth.

2. Collect a minimum of 4 sheets of scrapbooking paper size (30,4 x 30,4 cm)

3. Posting your choice:
Make a photo of these objects and the sheets that you choose and post them in this thread before Tuesday, March 25, 21.00 CET  Monday, March 24, 20.00 CET (on request of one of the finalists)
Number the elements and the papers and write this in your post.

We will tell you about the rest of the challenge after you post the photos!
Please make sure your photo is there in time in order to proceed to step 2

I feel pretty lucky that yesterday we had a birthday party at our house and that meant lots of crazy fun left over stuff for the recycle bin to choose from! Here is my photos of my items that I have choose:

1)  white cardstock
2) a left over rolls of streamers
3) toilet paper tube
4)broken frame
5) Popsicle sticks
6) paper towel roll with only one partial sheet left
7) broken tape measure
8) leftover birthday candles
9) Pink Envelope
10) Black curling ribbon
11) Bandanna - ( it was a farm party)
12) blue and orange napkins
13) plaid paper plates
14) orange pattern paper
15) black polka dot paper
16) red XO paper
17) Black school ruled paper

Now we just have to see what we have to do with them!!!