Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Here's a little something fun for the summer!Karen Ellis and I will be posting 3 "Creative Crossover" inspirational tutorials on how we use our supplies in our art and various crafting projects.  These projects will be summer inspired and will be posted on our blogs on the first of the month - July, August and September.  We hope you join us, try out some of the projects and have an artful summer!

Happy Canada Day! I can't think of a better way to celebrate then to kick off this little project with one of Canada's most talented and my dear friend Karen Ellis. How much more Canadian can you get then two Canadian Girls? One from Alberta, and one from Ontario, this time both tackling one of my favourite standby crafting supplies......Sharpie pens! 

For me summer is all about the camping, and one of my favourite little creative projects to take camping is Zentangles. It doesn't require much....just pens and paper! I wanted to try and figure out a way to create a bunch of tangles that I could then incorporate into my art journal later. I decided to create my Zentangles on sheets of tissue paper that then could be incorporated when I get back.

I started by creating a pretty basic tangle on my sheet of tissue paper. I used Sharpies for this for a few reasons; one they won't bleed when I add water or mediums to them, I love that they write so smoothly and come in a variety of tips, but most of all it is because the tips wont break off!! I used black here, but I think I am going to try some with colour on my camping trip this week!

I then tore up my sheets of Zentangles and using Gel Medium I added them to my art journal. I then sprayed Prima Color Bloom Sprays over the top and to finish added a little saying!

It's a quick page, perfect for a little summer creative break!!

To see what KAREN ELLIS did with Sharpies check out her blog!! :  www.thearthousestudio.blogspot.ca / www.thearthousestudio.ca

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  1. Looks wonderful sweet girl!!! Have a super summer!! xo