Friday, August 1, 2014

Creative Crossover-Part Two

It's the second of our Creative Crossover Event posts today and Karen and I are featuring:

I love spending a few hours mono printing papers and the techniques that you can do with this tool are endless. I am focusing on some basic beginner techniques. 

I am using Liquitex acrylic paint as my medium, but you can use a variety of paints and inks with this tool. I recommend making sure they are water based. 

My other supplies are a brayer, wet wipes and a water spray bottle
I also have a stack of mediums to print on; book paper, music sheets and a stack of coffee filters that I have ironed flat. Coffee filters are one of my favourite mediums to print on for adding to my art and journal projects. They don't warp, dry quickly hold a lot of medium well!

 I start by adding small drops of paint onto the gelli plate

 I then use my brayer to spread and mix the paint
 I then laid down a stencil over the paint and added a second colour, smoothing it out with a brayer.

I lifted off the stencil, smothed out any spaces on the red that needed it.

I then placed a coffee filter over top and gently smoothed it with my hand.

 I lifted off the filter paper and I had a great edgy print!!

You can clean off the residue on your plate with a wet paper towel, but I often just add more colour right on top. This add to the layered look. Here I added black paint with my brayer.

I then added a piece of swirly chipboard and then placed a coffee filter over top. Usinf a colffee filter lets me press the paper around the chipboard.

 I then lifted the paper. You can see the left over red paint dots in the swirl.

 You can often get more then one type of print from each set up. Here I took off the chipboard and was left with this swirl. I could print this, but I wanted to add more interest.

I used my brayer to add colour over top.

Look how pretty this second print is!!

I love when a new toy, lets me use an old toy in an inventive way. I pulled out my foam stamps that I had from days gone by.

I put the colour on my gelli plate with a brayer and then stamped into the paint with the foam stamp. I wipe off the paint from the stamp before each continual stamp. The stamp lifts off the paint.

This is the first print.

This is the second print. I can't tell which one I love the most!!

I made a whole bunch of papers, and cut them all to a 4x6 size. I then used gell medium to attach them to a canvas. 

 I saved the trimed bits to cover the edge of the canvas. 
I love this piece of art and every time I look at it I see something new.

To see Karen's post and cool techniques, and a link to buy a Gelli plate (because you will want one!!!)  Check out

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